Monday, February 5

Superbowl Monday

...We had a 20-minute power outage that started 10 minutes before the game began. I don't suppose anything of significance happened during the first 10 minutes.

...We missed all the good commercials, too. Guam is an "international market" so they dump all of the US national market commercials and replace them with local spots. However, in spite of the fact that Superbowl Monday is a big party day (they even cancel public school) they were unable to sell all of the advertising slots locally. So there was a lot of blank space between plays. Strange.

...We slept in the condo for the first time last night. No roosters to wake us up. There are some in the neighborhood -- just not as many -- nor as loud as where we've been staying. We still have lots of stuff in the old apartment -- squeezing in moving between the Superbowl and work.
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