Friday, February 9


The Boydston Condo...Here are a couple of pictures of the outside of our new digs (click on photos for a bigger view). The inside is still too messy to show-off. One of my potted Calamansi trees is blooming and even has some new fruit starting to form. So the farmer in me is happy.

...The emerging church movement is trying to break loose from it's North American, British, Aussie, and Kiwi moorings. One voice behind Emergent Malaysia is Sivin Kit, a pastor with a background in Lutheran Pietism.
Calamansi in bloom
...Jim Swanson, friend and supporter, was hit hard by the storms in Florida.

...Southwest, my favorite airline, is returning to SFO. They left a few years ago because the constant delays and inefficiencies in operations at San Francisco International meant they couldn't turn their planes around fast enough. And that's where they make their money -- in quick turn arounds.

That is one thing I miss about life on the mainland -- the Southwest option. The closest they get to Guam is Hawaii -- and I think that has to do with the fact that they're running ATA.

...I got to play for a few minutes on a Windows Vista computer in the store. My first impression is a wow impression. Wow, this feels a whole lot like a Mac. Whether it will be as efficient or as stable as a Mac remains to be seen (Each version of Windows has been more stable than the preceding. I'm not sure that they have grown in efficiency.). I like the way the start menu comes up and is searchable -- even better than what happens on my OS X Mac.
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