Sunday, February 18


...Sean sent me a link to a Wired story on portible housing. "Priced out of the housing market? Obsessed with design? This glass-walled mobile is low-budget high living for the modern nomad." Interesting concept.

...Speaking of nomads, Richard Kew is moving back to England, where he will serve as Development Director at Ridley Hall, Cambridge.

...We've hung a picture in the condo -- no small accomplishment since it requires drilling a hole in the concrete wall and driving in a wall anchor. It's beginning to feel like home.

...Yesterday we purchased a piece of kitchen furniture (another drawer, more cabinet space). When we got home we discovered that the very basic assembly instructions were in Chinese. There was no way that we could figure out how to piece the 150 parts together. So today we took our kitchen cabinet back to the store.

"No problem," they said. They'd assemble it for us at no charge. "Come back tomorrow."

So we left the pieces of our new kitchen furniture, along with the Chinese instruction sheet at the Town House store.

Two hours later my phone rang. It was the store. My first thought was that perhaps they couldn't find all the parts. But no, they were calling to say that the kitchen furniture was ready for pick up! Two hours later!

Sometimes I'm surprised at the level of service you can get out here in the middle of nowhere. Many times it beats what we've experienced on the mainland.
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