Tuesday, February 20


African Gothic...Rachel Ekstrand, who was a part of our Covenant missionary orientation group last summer, is engaged. Ryan Einfeldt is another MK working at Rainforest Academy in Yaounde, Cameroon. If Rachel picked him he's cream of the crop.

...Okay, soteriology class, I finally put this week's quiz up online. I'm a little slow sometimes.

...My laptop has been acting up a bit (short in the electrical connection) and will need to visit the shop soon. I had my parents in Arizona pick up another one for me. It's on the way -- at about $400 cheaper than anything comparable than I could get on Guam -- even with shipping (even though we are closer to the Asian manufacturer). My current machine, once repaired, will become the back-up. Back-ups are pretty important in a place like this.

...It appears that the Anglican Communion has survived their leadership pow-wow in Tanzania. They'll live to fight another day.

...Australia is planning to ban incandescent light bulbs and require the use of more energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs instead. I see a trend coming.

...Indonesia is getting knocked around today. No tsunamis expected.

...The not-a-denomination but a "network," Calvary Chapel is having a rough ride right now. My guess is that they'll get it together but that in 10 years the network will have a stronger accountability structure. Hang in there, guys.

...I understand that yesterday was a holiday in some parts of the world. No complaint. It just seems odd that Guam, which seems to always be on holiday, didn't get this one. Then again most people here are pretty ticked because even though they are US citizens there is no mechanism that would allow them (us!) to vote in a presidential election. Why SHOULD we celebrate President's Day?

...VG, the Norwegian tabloid is making money -- with their online edition. And the amazing thing is that this is news. It's not easy being in the news business these days.
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