Tuesday, February 20


...Today is Ash Wednesday, which on the Western Church calendar is the beginning of the season of Lent. I was surprised at how many people attended the service this evening at the Lutheran Church of Guam. If it is packed out for Ash Wednesday I can only imagine how many people will show up on Easter Sunday. Interesting dynamic.

...Mission opportunity in Mexico for health care workers.

...The prestigious Middlebury College in Vermont has banned the use of Wikipedia as an academic source. That seems a little extreme. If for some reason a professor wants to accept it as a source that should be his or her call -- not that of the institution. Yes, it's true that some of the articles on Wikipedia are not totally accurate. But I've seen textbooks and even "primary" sources which contain questionable information. Besides, generally speaking, an entry from an encyclopedia, whether online or in print, is considered to be an inadequate academic source. Occasionally a professor will allow it in some extraordinary circumstance (and should be allowed that option) but usually after the 7th grade encyclopedias are considered inadequate for academic writing.
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