Friday, February 23

Computing the economics

The new laptop arrived this afternoon -- shipped from Phoenix two days ago using USPS Express Mail -- and the shipping was less than $50. If you consider that a comparable computer out here -- if it could be found -- would cost at least $400 more than the total for this one, it's pretty amazing. If I didn't already have a couple of great full-time jobs I'd go into computer sales and save Guam a bucket of money. Of course, the whole thing was made in China -- just a stone's throw away -- relatively speaking. That's why high prices don't really make sense here. If things are made in China or Malaysia they're shipped less of a distance if they go directly to Guam. But it's a bundle cheaper to buy from someone in Phoenix and ship through the mail back this direction. Obviously, I wasn't an econ major or I'd understand why it works that way.

Okay, it's a Sony Vaio -- VGN-N200 with a gig of RAM and VISTA. Nothing really that special but it should get the job done. And tomorrow we'll take it to the Alpha retreat at the Navy base and give it its first workout as a DVD player.
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