Monday, February 26


...Kite flying is really dangerous in some places. These people take it way too seriously.

...The air on Guam is generally some of the cleanest in the world -- thanks to the trade winds. But right now we have a cloud of smog hanging over the island. The Guam Office of Civil Defense has issued an advisory attributing the haze to dust from the Gobi Desert in China.

However, on Saipan, 150 miles north of us in the CNMI, they canceled school today because of haze there. And they're saying that it's coming from the volcano on Anatahan, which has been puffing a bit recently.

Anathan is about 200 miles north of Guam and the volcano there suddenly appeared in May of 2003.

IOW, whether the haze is from China or Anathan it's looking a lot like LA in the 1970's.

...Water to the prison in Mangilao was cut off today because the government hasn't been able to pay their water bill. The Guam Waterworks Authority is a semi-autonomous public utility which has had their own financial problems. It's hard to stay solvent when the government, a major consumer, never seems to have quite enough money to pay on time.

...One of the new "wows" on Windows Vista, the operating system on my new laptop, is the “expose” feature which dynamically tiles all of the open windows. It makes navigating between windows a lot easier. Very cool.
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