Wednesday, February 28


...Now they've discovered Jesus' underwear. These are wonderful times in which we live.

...The University of Washington is offering a course about Google.

...A $2.35 million baseball card.

...The mother of one of our students is a meteorologist for the US Weather Service. She was on campus for a few minutes while playing taxi-driver this afternoon. So I asked her about the horrid haze that is hanging over Guam. She confirmed that it is volcano related. I know that some people aren't believing that because there isn't any ash with the haze (just coughing, wheezing, and itching eyes). But we lived downwind from Mt St Helen's in the 80's and we'd occasionally get hazy days after there was a release of gas from the mountain. There wasn't any ash with that haze either. The ash dump came with the initial explosion in that case.

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