Saturday, March 3


...Test to see if your website or blog is being blocked in China. Mine apparently is.

...Wal-Mart's new strategy -- "Saving people money so they can live better lives."

...Perhaps Wal-Mart could learn a thing from Kmart. Yes, Kmart -- at least the Kmart on Guam. (Who a year ago would have thought that my favorite shopping destination would be a Kmart -- but Guam is an alternative reality. For those who don't take either the red or blue pill there is the green pill called Guam.) Here's the Kmart formula:
1. Stock as much stuff that people want as possible.
2. Sell if for less than everyone else.
3. Staff and train for exceptional customer service.
4. Turn the store into a destination for Japanese tourists. (How many times have I stopped to help a couple of Japanese tourists who want to be photographed in the Kmart parking lot pushing an American shopping cart with the store in the background! They love Kmart almost as much as Guamanians.)

...Fact or Fiction?: Living People Outnumber the Dead. Contrary to pop knowledge the answer is fiction, according to demographer Carl Haub. (via)

...Bookmark: Beth Bilynskyj on "Why I am a Thomist, or What happens when you abandon Aristotle's logic and metaphysics"

...I understand that Linda Weiss, the associate pastor at Turlock Covenant Church, is getting married today to the guy that was starting to hang around when we were packing up to leave Turlock.

Congratulations, you've found an excellent woman of great creativity, virtue, and perseverance!
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