Friday, March 2


...OCN has a new online radio station called the Ark which streams "contemporary Orthodox Christian" music. Is there something oxymoronic in that? Actually, it's got a nice mix of content rich music, most of which you're not going to hear anywhere else. Yes, they've been throwing in some EO classics, too. I have trouble keeping the stream flowing on my Mac but it works great on my laptop.

...More on "the haze" -- which seems to have blown out to sea this afternoon -- hopefully for good -- but I wouldn't hold my breath. This report says that it is pollution from Asia. Unfortunately, there isn't any equipment on Guam sensitive enough to measure the air content.

...What are the odds? Darrell Bock on the odds that "The Tomb" contained the remains of Jesus, Mary, and their children. It doesn't sound like it's even worth watching the much hyped television special when it airs. Oh, well... I wasn't losing any sleep over the whole thing.

...The US and Brazil are entering into an ethanol partnership. I keep telling people that Guam would be the perfect spot to do the bio-fuel thing -- fully contained environment -- unlimited jungle that reproduces rapidly which could be easily processed -- and consumers who are already used to paying too much for gas (Mobil went up to $3.039/gallon this week). We need a US and Guam fuel partnership.
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