Tuesday, March 6


AP Photo/Phillip Round/The Wetland Trust...A large-billed reed-warbler, last verified sighting in India in 1867, has shown up at a waste-treatment plant outside Bangkok. Amazing.

...New! Water treatment that removes the nasty bacteria without the taste and expense of chlorine -- cheap enough that developing countries will be able to afford it. The ripple effects of inexpensive clean water for the poorest of the world are going to be mind-boggling wonderful.

...One more water related note -- my children sent me a copy of the DVD Flushed Away for my birthday (which was last week). It arrived in the mail today. I laughed the whole time when I watched someone else's copy a few weeks ago. Thank you. I'll really enjoy that.

...With the closing of Covenant Bible College there are a lot of people wondering about other options for a one-year intensive discipleship training course. My buddy Glenn Kaiser is suggesting Project 12, which is run by JPUSA.

We could handle a few mainland students at PIBC. While we are a four-year school the focus is very similar to CBC and there is a lot you can cram into a year. It would definitely be a cross-cultural experience (95% of our students are from various Micronesian islands -- almost everyone speaks English as a second language -- and life here is very... ah... island). PIBC is accredited, which makes US financial aid and credit transfer a lot easier.

Eric and Karyn Sorenson will be joining the staff this summer as the second set of Covenant Church missionaries working at the school.
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