Tuesday, March 6


...In an effort to divert customer attention from how long they have to wait in line, 37,000 US post offices have removed the clocks from their retail areas.

It sounds like somebody with a psychology 101 education thinks that he has figured out how to keep customers from going postal. Of course, removing the clocks also means that the postal workers will be even less aware of time and the lines will grow longer -- and customers will be even grumpier. The law of unintended consequences.

At the very least this is a major PR goof for the PO.

The other option is efficiency but that would demand more of the system than the system can apparently handle.

...During their first year out of law school new attorneys working for high powered New York firms are making $160,000 a year. Why so much? Is that enough to keep them put? Or is there something else to life?

...Eugene Cho on pastoral health.
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