Tuesday, March 6

Snake encounter

I spent the evening unpacking boxes of books. So I had an armload of flattened cardboard that I was tossing into the dumpster. But just as I was about to compress the boxes I had tossed onto the heap, out off the corner of my eye I saw something moving through the garbage. I looked closer and there he was -- at least 5 feet long -- the longest brown tree snake I've seen since arriving on Guam.

I thought about grabbing him by the "tail" -- the non-venomous end. But what would I do after I got him and he wanted to constrict around my hand and arm?

I ran into the house and grabbed my machete.

He was just slithering over the edge of the rusted refuse box as I returned. I took a quick whack and got him somewhere on the tail-end. The snake was stunned. But as I lifted my arm for another blow he came alive and dropped to the ground off the far side of the dumpster. Within two seconds he was gone into the jungle.

Now that I know where he likes to eat dinner I'll keep an eye out for him. I'll also be slower to jump on top of the trash heap for one of my famous compression stomps.
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