Saturday, March 10


...Jars of Clay to go public with war protest song?

..."Homeschool secessionists have seized control of western parts of South Carolina and declared the world's first Homeschool Republic..."

...Giving dropped at the New Life Church after the Ted Haggard problem. Now the church has had to lay-off 44 staff members.

...Innovative farming on Guam with "chicken tractors"

Well, there is no shortage of chickens here. For some reason the brown tree snakes haven't gotten to their eggs. Most of the other birds are gone (even the normally ubiquitous seagulls are missing) but the place is overrun with chickens. No exaggeration.

...Guam: Where America's Drinking Problem Begins. That's because we start 'em out earlier than everyone else. Never mind the science about brain damage in drinkers under 21, it's still culturally acceptable (encouraged?) to get wasted. What a waste.

..."The world generated 161 billion gigabytes -- 161 exabytes -- of digital information last year." Now there's a problem finding enough storage for it all. I can so relate -- I have the same problem with my desk, my sock drawer, and my side of the closet. Sometimes you just have to downsize or it all drives you nuts.

...I'm having a similar problem in my one gallon desktop fish tank -- home to my four little guppy-like fish -- and now a billion snails. When I got the fish from a friend's pond I was excited that some of the greenery I picked up came with a snail or two to help clean the tank. That snail has multiplied to the point where I'm now flushing a hundred little mollusks down the toilet everyday. Suggestions?
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