Thursday, March 8


...The UK has become a wealth magnet.

...Oops? The mint proof-reader was asleep at the switch. "In God we Trust" and "E Pluribus Unum" somehow dropped off an unknown number of the new "gold colored" George Washington dollar coins. Frankly, whether intentional or not it's a great marketing ploy -- generating lots of interest in dollar coins which have traditionally been hard to "sell" to the American public.

...Burning plastic. That's what the "vog" from the Anatahan Volcano in the Northern Marianas Islands, which has been hanging over Guam off and on today, smells like. Fortunately, it's not overwhelming.

...Sark, t
he last feudal outpost in Europe, is under pressure to join the 21st century.

...While most of the US mainland goes on Daylight Savings Time early Sunday morning, Guam stays the same. At 13 degrees north there is not much daylight to save. It's a pretty constant 12 hours dark, 12 hours daylight (give or take a few minutes each way) -- year-round.
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