Thursday, March 8


...I guess the NRSV of the Bible is still alive and kickin'. The NRSV is a pretty accurate Bible translation. I enjoyed using it in the 80's, but eventually tired of some of the clunky and unnatural language. Some of it was that the translators worked way too hard at trying to be gender-inclusive. (Both the TNIV and NLT have done a much better job at that.) I figured that the NRSV was quietly fading into the sunset with the mainline churches which were it's most ardent supporters. But perhaps it will be around for a little while longer. (via)

...Dell is testing the waters, trying to figure out if they can sell computers with a Linux operating system. It won't cost them much to at least make the option available. However, the demand won't be as great as the enthusiast think. The fact is that Windows doesn't cost all that much to install on a new computer, there are a lot more software options available for Windows, and it still takes a dedicated geeky consumer to make everything work right on a Linux system. And I say this as someone who enjoys playing with various Linux releases. That's just the reality in March 2007.

...Is Commodore trying to get back in the game? Resurrection.

...Most blogs are discovered through links off other blogs. Yup. Another indicator that blogging is still a grassroots movement.
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