Saturday, March 17


~~ Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

~~ Andrew Careaga has retired his blog, bloggedy blog, after 5 years online.

~~ More transition -- Paul Hiebert, who taught missiology at Fuller when I was there in the 80's, has died. He had been a missionary in India.

~~ Hey soteriology students! David Fitch has a nice concise summary of penal substitutionary atonement and justification by faith as understood by the "new perspective on Paul" people. It's a part of his own discussion of salvation and God's justice/righteousness -- which is worth a read. Yes, it could be on the quiz. That's always a possibility.

~~ We're making progress. The spare bedroom is ready for guests. All four of the ceiling fans have been hung. I've assembled the eighth and last (I hope) bookcase. Some of our pictures are starting to appear on the walls. We've bought some area rugs. We're even going to sign a contract for the installation of typhoon shutters on Monday. I forgot to mention on Wednesday that I got the first fruit off one of my two potted tomato plants. God is good.

~~ Zondervan seems to be acknowledging that there is a glut of Bible editions on the bookstore shelves. Interesting. They do seem to be committed to the long-term support of the TNIV. That's good news. Thanks to Rick Mansfield for nudging Zondervan on some of the issues that have many of us wondering if they were orphaning the translation through neglect.

~~ "Mike Strizki lives in the nation's first solar-hydrogen house." See, it's not impossible. And he pays $0.00 for electricity. Of course, the up front expense on his home improvement project is ahhhhh little more than most of us can handle.
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