Saturday, March 17


~~ This afternoon Cheryl and I joined the group from the Lutheran Church of Guam to cruise "the mighty Talofofo River." Along the way we stopped at the ruins of an ancient Chamorro village. The beauty of Guam isn't limited to the coast. But it was really hazy today -- unusual for Guam, where other than on a few random days during the past few weeks, the air is really clean. Apparently the tradewinds are bringing smoke from fires in Asia. Strange. We're thousands and thousands of miles from anywhere and yet still affected by what goes on beyond. See the slideshow.

~~ Keith Drury on why we shouldn't ordain women. If you miss the point, his tongue is firmly planted in his cheek. (His denomination, the Wesleyan Church, has been ordaining women for the past 140 years.)

~~ Free land in Alaska -- application.
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