Sunday, March 18


Tejon Ranch sign~~ In the pipes -- a whole new city in California to be constructed on Tejon Ranch, north of LA, south of Bakersfield. Tejon Ranch, as most Californians know, is huge (426 square miles). It was established in 1842, through a land grant, when California was more a part of Mexico than it is now. Construction on Centennial, California is expected to begin in 2008.

~~ Kent is back in California after his winter quarter internship through UCDC in Washington, DC. He'll be staying with Kirk in San Francisco for a few days -- visiting in Turlock for a bit -- and then heading south for the spring quarter at UC Irvine. I'm sure he's ready to be back there after spending the fall quarter in Chile. One of the necessary tasks before heading to SoCal is to find a car for him. Dale and Amy Phillips are helping us with that. Bless them!

~~ The Guam haze, which looks a lot like LA in the 70's, finally blew out to sea this afternoon and we were able to get in a walk around the university campus. One NWS forcaster says that we should expect the haze to become a regular seasonal phenomena because of slash and burn practices in Indonesia and the increasing pollution levels in China. There's nowhere on the planet to hide!

~~ Speaking of haze, unable to take "no" for an answer in the last election, a gambling initiative will probably be on the ballot again next time -- for the third time. The idea of a quick-fix short-cut to economic development is so appealing to some Guamanians that they're like a boonie dog with a bone.

People may be more predisposed to vote for such nonsense this time because of the dismal financial situation the government is in (Mismanagement or corruption? Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between the two.). I don't know, though. This island doesn't even have a lottery. And the Catholic churches don't run Bingo operations here. Gambling, unlike its twin, alcohol, is a hard sell here.

~~ Generally speaking, I work from the home office on Mondays. Today I got the sermon evaluations done for preaching class and did the more in depth class plan for tomorrow's soteriology class. We're going to be talking about conversion -- comparing and contrasting Calvinism and Arminianism. Should be fun. I'm still new at this teaching thing so the novelty of the academic routine hasn't worn off, yet.
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