Tuesday, March 20


~~ There are now a few limited themes available for the personalized version of the Google start page. The version I've got up on mine changes with the time of day.

~~ If I could wish for anything from the Google Genie right now it would be for the ability to use multiple signatures within Gmail. (Yes, I know that there is a Greasemoney script you can use within Firefox that is supposed to do that. But it is clunky, hard to set up, and doesn't work right for me all the time.) I've totally abandoned Eudora and am using Gmail exclusively for all my accounts. So my email needs have grown.

~~ It appears that Google is gradually increasing the storage on Gmail accounts to 3.5 gigs. This is good because I'm already at 33% of my 2,830 megs. Early on they said I'd never have to delete a thing. They actually made the delete button hard to find -- early on. Now, I think they're having second thoughts on that strategy. Who out there has the greatest % of their current Gmail space in use?

~~ The German Church is in decline. The proposed solutions don't really deal with the heart of the matter.

~~ Newspapers are dropping their religion sections. Martin Marty has some thoughts on that decline.

~~ Now for some really good news -- Christian Churches Together takes off.
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