Thursday, March 22


~~ Kurt Fredrickson and Eddie Gibbs have a new blog -- The Church Then and Now. From thier site introduction: "The ongoing conversations surrounding emergent and missional churches have highlighted the need to re-establish the connection between ecclesiology and missiology. During the centuries dominated by a Christendom mentality, the two have become disconnected largely because of the prevailing mindset that mission was for 'heathen lands afar,' rather than for the Western church’s immediate context. Thankfully that misconception is fast fading, leading to the recognition that the church must recognize itself as the product of mission before it can become the agent of mission."

Echoes of Leslie Newbigin.

~~ The Pacific Islands Report is saying today that 50% of the population of Papua New Guinea has Tuberculosis (TB) -- and it's spreading.

~~ We're having trouble getting the router to talk to the new DSL modem in the PIBC library. The DSL tech support doesn't support anything in beyond their modem. And everything we try isn't working. Maybe it will fix itself. We set up Ubuntu on an old PC in the computer lab so that students could play with something Linux. But we couldn't get it to connect to the Internet. So we left it sitting there a few days. I switched it on this morning and it was connected.
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