Thursday, March 22


~~ Only 10% of Indians have health insurance. "Micro-insurance" is increasing that figure. Interesting concept.

~~ New good news on our mission blog.

~~ Diet Coke is getting healthy. Pepsi can't be jogging too far behind on this one. But really, I'm not looking for a health advantage in a soft drink. (I'm one of the guys who refuses the free "boost" at Jamba Juice.) I eat lots and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables for that stuff. All I ask of a soda is that it taste good and that it not contribute to my girth.

~~ McDonald's is trying to get dictionaries to drop the word "McJob." Whether it is fair or not, the term IS frequently used to refer to a crummy low-paying job. The mission of a dictionary is to provide a reference describing how the language is being used -- regardless of fairness. I can understand why McDonald's would be upset. But the only way that they're going to win this one is if they bend over backwards to disassociate themselves from crummy low-paying jobs.
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