Wednesday, March 28


Peter the Anteater~~ Kent made it back to Irvine after being gone for over 9 months. He was in Chile and then Washington, DC. I think he's ready to hang-out with some other anteaters for awhile.

~~ Yahoo Mail is rolling out "unlimited" email storage in a couple of months. Now Google's Gmail is going to have to play catch-up. The email war continues -- and we're the winners!

~~ Siberia, the next Silicon Valley? In the US the reason that the San Francisco Bay Area became the original Silicon Valley was that it was a desirable place to live -- great climate, metropolitan environment, relatively clean, proximity to educational and lifestyle resources. Why would innovators gravitate toward Siberia? Old empty Soviet buildings and electronic equipment? I have my doubts.

~~ The millionaire lifestyle just ain't what it used to be.

~~ New day -- new mission strategy -- North Park Seminary grads ending up in new old places.
~~ It's been great hanging out with the Lutherans during our time on Guam. They have some traditions which are worthy of imitation and adaptation. For example, during the season of Lent they often have a simple meal (soup potluck) each Wednesday evening. The Lutheran Church of Guam is no exception. After eating we've been gathering to sing the Holden Evening Prayer (composed by Marty Haugen). It's beautiful and singable and outside the Lutheran clan few people seem aware of it. Eclectic is fun.

+ Audio sample of the Litany

+ Audio sample of the Annunciation/Magnificat

+ Audio sample of Psalm 141

+ Audio sample of Evening Thanksgiving

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