Tuesday, March 27

The IVP Introduction to the Bible

I received in the post today a copy of The IVP Introduction to the Bible edited by Philip S Johnston. This is a wonderful Bible intro, academically challenging and fairly comprehensive for 277 pages -- yet very very readable. Where technical language is used it is explained plainly and simply.

This is a book that might be used in a college-level Bible overview class (which I only reluctantly say lest someone think it is another horribly boring textbook or that you have to be in some kind of class to read it). But it is not so academic as to avoid practical application.

There is an all-star line-up of contributors: Desmond Alexander, Jamie Grant, Philip Johnston, Tremper Longman III, Ernest Lucas, Howard Marshall, Carl Mosser, Ian Paul, Brian Rosner, and Mark Strauss.

I love books which can take the deep and complex, and summarize it all in simple and readable language without compromising the message.
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