Monday, March 26


~~ The Internet has changed how Americans respond to words. This means that copy writers are having to rethink their craft.

Ad guru Roy Williams: "Here's what I've discovered, tested and proved:

1: Internet surfing has trained us to disregard empty words.
2: Relevance has become more important than repetition.

Bottom line: Meaningful messages are working better than ever, especially when the fundamental premise of your ad is clearly stated in the opening line. Ads full of unsupported claims and overworked "image-building" phrases are being rejected before they ever enter the brain. So say what matters. Say it tight, say it true.

The audience is still there. What's gone is their willingness to pay attention to drivel...

Creativity and repetition can no longer cover up the fact that an advertiser has nothing to say. You've got to have a message that matters."

Yet another positive effect of the Internet.

~~ Using YouTube to sell homes.

~~ We're having a little contest at PIBC, hoping the students will put together some YouTube blockbusters to help us "sell" the school.

~~ Other viewing wonders -- Car 54 reruns. Isn't the Internet wonderful! (As silly as that show was back in the early '60's there was some rich comedy and superb timing in there -- and the camera angles were cutting edge.)

~~ Who gets to control the price of products on the market -- the retailers or the manufacturers? The Supreme Court is working on that problem. If they call me in to testify, I'll tell them that the market itself should control the price.

~~ They are a couple of weeks behind on garbage collection throughout much of Guam because the garbage truck broke down again. Fortunately, our condo complex is exempt from GovGuam trash collection. We have a dumpster and contract with a private collector who consistently shows up and hauls it all away three times a week.

~~ Kodak has come out with an inkjet printer that cuts ink costs in half. But before you run out to buy -- there are other printer innovations on the cusp. Sweet!

~~ Sugar powered fuel cells. Really sweet!
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