Thursday, March 29


~ San Francisco has banned plastic grocery bags -- hoping to save 450,000 gallons of oil a year and to spare landfills of 1,400 tons of debris annually.

~ China Golf lists Guam as the #3 golfing destination.

~ Bruce Wallace's bicycle was stolen in Tokyo. Fun and culturally revealing LA Times story of how the police apprehended the thief and returned it.

~ If you're looking for an Internet related job you might not want to put a hotmail address on your resume.

~ We're #7! Sweden is #2 -- right behind Denmark(!). Even the Netherlands is doing better in IT development than the US. Does this mean we're doing less or that they're doing more?

~ Funny Church moments video.

~ Which house is more eco-friendly -- that of George W Bush or Al Gore? Not that I'm much of a Bush fan, but wasn't it Al Gore who produced An Inconvenient Truth -- the movie on global warming? Perhaps even greater than the global warming crisis is the crisis of credibility.
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