Saturday, April 7


~ Google has launched a free 411 (information) service that you access by dialing an 800 number and then answering computer generated questions. Unfortunately, this service isn't yet available on Guam. I suspect that we'll be on the top of the list, though, once they move it from the lab to beta.

~ Kent has a new part-time job as a government affairs/communications intern with the Building Industry Association of Orange County. He is a poli-sci major at UC Irvine. I just never imagined that anyone in my family could ever get a construction job. Alright Kent!

~ Cheryl and I have been helping with the music leadership during the "contemporary" service at the Lutheran Church of Guam. Next Sunday, the first Sunday after Easter, we're supposed to lead the congregation in singing Kirk Franklin's song He Reigns. We'll probably do it just like he does it -- more or less -- probably a lot less -- although it would be great to have more. Lutheranism ain't what it used to be.

~ Democrats in the
Michigan State House of Representatives have introduced legislation that would provide a free iPod (or other MP3 player) for every child in the state. I do like the innovative spirit of that state. But can you imagine the liability on this, when in 10 years those children are old enough to start suing the state over their hearing loss issues? Give them access to computers. Most MP3 files never make it off computers onto iPods anyway.
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