Sunday, April 8


~ I've decided that I need a new baseball team to follow. And just to make it all a little more interesting I'm looking for something in the Japanese League -- Pro Yakyu. I'm inclined to go with the Yomiuri Giants, the oldest and most successful team. Besides, the uniforms look vaguely familiar to this San Francisco Bay Area boy. But I'm still not committed, yet. Any advice?

~ Marine conservationists have hooked up a "chat line" between two dolphin habitats. It's not as wacko as it first sounds. Actually, it's a very creative solution (hopefully) to an interesting problem.

~ This is a bit more wacko -- a Bluetooth banana. I'd like to know which ringtones are recommended for bananas.
Moravian Seal
~ This year marks the 550 anniversary of the founding of the Moravian Church. Those of us in the Evangelical Covenant Church note that we emerged out of the Pietistic movement in Swedish Lutheranism -- with influence from Moravian missionaries. IOW, a lot of our history is tied up with their history.

~ One of the great Moravian traditions is the Easter sunrise service, which is now common in other churches, too -- although most don't have the same flair. In the Moravian tradition the church band marches through the graveyard at sunrise, playing Easter hymns, marking Christ's victory, and taunting the graveyard with the reality of its ultimate demise.
Guam sunrise on Easter
~ This morning we went to the Easter sunrise service that the Guam United Methodist Church held on a beach in Yona. That was a first for us -- sunrise over the Pacific (see picture).

Easter sunset on the other side of the island was equally spectacular. This is a beautiful place to live.

~ Dallas Theological Seminary is offering a retreat for pastor's wives. I don't suppose they're going to follow that up with one for pastor's husbands. Nah -- probably not.
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