Thursday, July 19


~ The DAWN network has a new blog -- -- nothing fancy but we can expect some stimulating fodder regarding the expansion of the church in Europe.

~ At about 7:50 this evening the earth shook hard -- not at all rolling, as we're used to in California. The neighbors all opened their doors or stepped out onto the parking lot just to make sure that they were not imagining it. But there was nothing on the USGS website or any of the news sites until just a minute ago (an hour and a half later). I suppose everyone was down on Marine Corps Drive camping out, partying, and waiting for tomorrow's big Liberation Day parade to start. We were down there for a bit tonight. There's a healthy buzz to it all.

I love Guam -- even if the earth shakes. They're saying it was a 5.0 quake. Of course, people will be comparing it to the 8.1 in 1993 and saying how weak this one was. Rightly so.

~ 101 quick simple meals from the NY Times

~ 82%, but I have no intention of seeking assistance with my addiction. It used to be considered healthy to have an avocation or hobby. But now anything you really get into is framed in the language of addiction.

~ Dr Lamin Sanneh, native of Gambia, West Africa, convert to Christianity from Islam, speaks out on the class with Islam over new global realities.

~ Yes, Charlie, I saw it. I'll try to see what I can come up with in the next few days.

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Sean said...

beat'cha. 87%. of course, i am a professional ;-)

unfortunately, 'addiction' has come to commonly mean, among other things, 'really love'. like the CCM 'I'm addicted to Jesus'. too imprecise.

for my part, i think we should keep a semi-clinical definition of addiction. everyone who fails to comply must read Gerald May's excellent Addiction and Grace ;-)

the only question in the survey i thought might point to actual addiction was 'Have you ever skipped something you were supposed to do, like a deadline or homework, to blog'

but i fit other intimations in the quiz in that i'm thinking i'll cross-post this excellent comment to my own weblog ;-)