Sunday, September 16


~ Amish Pentecostals? Yes, and it seems to be creating a stir. (via) You can't control the wind. Sometimes it blows in other surprising directions, too.

~ We went to our first Guam wedding yesterday afternoon. Congratulations Jack & Rose! It was wonderful, beautiful, and another first for me -- Spam at the reception. Spam, Spam, Spam -- everywhere on Guam -- even weddings. Definitely a cross-cultural experience.

~ The third largest "Christian nation" in the world is ______________.

~ Japanese homemakers who moonlight as amateur currency speculators are sweating.

Luther~ Michael Spencer, who is not a Lutheran, has been hosting a series of posts by Josh Strodtbeck on Lutheran theology. This is helpful background, especially since the Dispensationalist vs. Reformed Theology debates have tended to dominate the landscape of contemporary American evangelicalism. The Lutherans and the Wesleyans kind of get lost in the sprawl since they don't really fit into the categories with which most people are familiar. This should help.
Part 1 -- Sovereignty of God
Part 2 -- Pastoral Care
Part 3 -- Assurance
Part 4 -- Election & Salvation
I understand that there are more parts on the way.

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