Friday, September 28


Community Called Atonement~ Scot McKnight's newest book A Community Called Atonement, arrived in an Amazon shipment a few days ago. I've only had a chance to glance at it and am getting excited about reading it. David Fitch, however, has processed the whole thing already and has a splendid review. I ordered a copy for the PIBC library earlier today because I'm pretty sure I won't want to part with my copy when I'm done reading it.

~ Worth a look: The role of philosophy in a Christian liberal arts curriculum by Ken Schenck

~ China's new strategy for cracking down on unregistered house churches

~ "...25% of Americans have no one with whom they can have a meaningful conversation."

~ Home-based business -- and PROUD of it!

~ PIBC's record enrollment

Tornado Potato~ QSL -- on Guam tonight, AM 1550 "ABC local radio" -- But I can't find a listing for an ABC station at 1550 khz

~ "Equipment powering the Internet accounts for 9.4% of electricity demand in the US, and 5.3% of global demand..." according to researcher David Sarokin. I'd like to see this guy's math but apparently the demand to view his website has brought down the grid and the page doesn't come up.

~ "Tornado Potato" -- Mmm...potato. Might even be worth a trip to Seoul to get one. (via)

~ The case for Non-Residential Missionaries (NRMs) -- Hey, you have to live somewhere.

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Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, Brad. Mine's coming from Amazon as well. Can't wait. In the meantime I'll read David Fitch's review.