Friday, September 28


~ Church choir for sale on eBay

PIBC - LCG Volleyball~ There are times when I miss my previous life more than other times. The grand opening of the new Redwood Lodge at Covenant Village of Turlock was one such occasion. We started conceptualizing the project when I was the chair of the management advisory committee a few years ago. It went through several revisions before construction started in 2006. Or was it 2005? Anyway -- the picture looks great. I'm sure the Village People are double-happy -- first, with their new town center building and second, that construction is finally over. :-)

~ Two of our Guam communities converged this afternoon when the Lutheran Church of Guam and the PIBC students held a joint get-together, basketball and volleyball tournament, and BBQ on campus. It's kind of like when you introduce two of your close friends to each other and they hit it off. Fun. Satisfying. It more than makes up for missing out on things "back home."


Melissa Heck said...

Gosh, Brad, didn't know the Village People were from Turlock. Do they do concerts there often. I really like their Y M C A song.

Rob Cunningham said...

hey brad, thx for the post about covenant village. i've seen the work-in-progress on recent drives down to t-town, but i didn't realize it was finished. haven't been there for a couple of months now. enjoy reading your blog!