Wednesday, February 20

Charting the emerging movement (or whatever it is)

I saw this chart over on Scot McKnight's blog and I was trying to figure out if it was pre-trib pre-mil or mid-trib pre-mil -- until I realized that it was all tribulation.

How did Carson become the center of orthodoxy? Pretty amazing.

Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones, and Spencer Burke have all been exiled. I'm still not sure whether it's their theology or their quirkiness that got them tossed out of the kingdom.

And then there is Brain McLaren. No one is quite sure what to do with him. He maybe in or maybe he's out. Only God knows for sure -- but we have our doubts.

Then if you go back to the original source of the charts -- Michael Patton (there is a dispensationalist behind pretty much every chart out there -- it's a part of the culture) -- you see that the whole thing is really about trying to apply the overworn conservative/liberal labels -- pretty linear.

When I see this stuff I wonder what the designer would do with guys like Roger Olson (.pdf) -- Dr Post-Conservative? And what about all the others of us who come out of more Pietistic and Wesleyan streams -- people who don't fit so neatly into the categories created by the vocal Reformed?
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