Wednesday, February 20


Anglican Prayer BookJust released -- An Anglican Prayer Book, published for The Anglican Mission in the Americas by The Preservation Press of the Prayer Book Society -- "The aim of this prayer book is to make available in contemporary language the doctrine, devotion and structure of classic Anglican Common Prayer, as these are provided in the historic editions of The Book of Common Prayer." -- Link

Two good recommendations for The Big Story -- Link & Link

With Fidel out of the picture might Cuba become a major player in the global ethanol game? -- Link

The Manga Bible -- Link

It sounds like Alaska Christian College is scheduled for their Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) accreditation candidacy meeting this Friday. Knowing those guys up north I'm guessing that they're in pretty good shape. -- Link

I saw the headline "Milky Way Is Twice the Size We Thought" and immediately had this grand visual in my head of an extra large Milky Way. It took me a few seconds to realize that the story had nothing to do with candy. But that's how my brain operates. Sigh. -- Link

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