Wednesday, April 9


Using Google Earth to zoom in on refugee camps ~ Source

A technical report out of the University of Houston is showing that students who took hybrid classes scored a letter grade higher on average than their counterparts who took the same class in a more traditional format. A hybrid class is a combination of classroom lecture and online interaction. And this is exactly what we're doing with a lot of our classes at PIBC. ~ Source

Congratulations! Our friend and co-worker Marisol Farnsworth passed her US citizenship interview and test this morning. She is waiting to hear when she can actually be sworn in as a citizen -- perhaps in early May. ~ My story yesterday | Ned's story today

Medical researchers looking for help in alligator blood and viper venom

The Guam Police Department is cracking down on unregistered and uninsured vehicles. Go for it, guys! What have you been doing up until now? However, there is that minor little problem of the many GovGuam vehicles zooming around the island without current registration. And on top of that GovGuam "self-insures" its vehicles -- which means that given the current state of insolvency they are also uninsured vehicles. (Just try collecting from the government!) ~ Source

HP has a new pint-size laptop for the kids -- $500- ~ Source | Review

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