Saturday, May 31


Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are using functional magnetic resonance imaging to get computers to read human minds. I know what you're thinking -- but the research is still in its infancy -- so you can relax -- at least for now. ~ Link

New info: Stonehenge appears to have been a royal family's burial site. ~ Link

In spite of the extreme levels of dysfunction and the chaos which confounds even the locals, Guam is a great place! While we're gone we're going to miss the 2nd Annual Agat Mango Festival next weekend. But we should be back from the mainland in time for the Liberation Day parade!

Fredric Baur, the fine fellow who designed the Pringles potato chip container, has died. And they've buried him in a Pringles container. It's what he wanted. ~ Link

There are at least 111 homeless people sleeping at Heathrow. They dress like travelers to blend in. ~ Link

There are times when President Bush actually seems to have a good head on his shoulder. ~ Link

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