Saturday, June 7


Burj DubaiStunning and innovative modern cities the size of New York are sprouting up almost overnight in China and along the Persian Gulf. Americans seem oblivious. ~ Link

Photo is a computer image of the "Burj Dubai" in the United Arab Emirates which will soon be the world's highest building. ~ Link

It's pretty dry in California -- no surprise. Water has always been an issue. But there are indicators that the current struggle may be different. ~ Link

Prop 13, which 30 years ago, pulled the rug out from under California's primo educational system, is still popular today. (Yes, there was a property tax problem. Yes, it needed to be fixed. But it didn't need the dynamite solution. California is still trying to pick up the pieces.) ~ Link

The clowd is coming -- the clowd is coming -- quick snap a picture ~ Link


Unknown said...

one of the news networks ran a story last night about almond farmers abandoning their crops because of the lack of water. A number of factors have contributed to this, not the least being poor planning and the inability to say "no" to runaway new construction.

So much water has been diverted to the cities that the end result is this crisis. People are overwatering their lawns and greening their golf courses with water that could be used to grow crops.

Touchy subject for me having lived in California's Central Valley and pastoring a church of farmers.

Brad Boydston said...

The thing is that the golfers are also the farmers -- at least in the Valley. :-)

And people need to live somewhere -- runaway construction reflects demographic reality. Whether they live in the cities or the country they still need water.

But there is a lot of over-watering -- and a lot of inappropriate landscaping. The xeriscaping approach hasn't really caught on -- even with the farmers who are complaining about the shortage of water. There is so much water out here that I've had more mosquito bites in the past couple of days in the Valley than in the past couple of years in the tropics!

The almonds on the trees -- at least in the Turlock area -- are looking pretty good.