Saturday, July 26


Dave Gibbons has a new blogspot and a new book ~ Link (via)

Hurricane Dolly has ruined about 20% of Texas' citrus crop -- mostly grapefruit. ~ Link

The Guam Public School System failed to pay the fees to renew sanitation permits for the schools. The Public Health Division of Environmental Health says the schools are out of compliance because they haven't paid the fee. Why does one branch of the government need to charge a fee to another? The way Guam's goofy bureaucracy is set-up makes it difficult for anyone to come out ahead. The system is self-defeating. ~ Link

Was the apostle Paul a cross-cultural missionary? New IVP book says, "no." ~ Link

From now until August 4th, the audiobook version of The World Is Flat is available as a free download. Unfortunately, you have to join a marketing email list to get it. ~ Link

California bans trans fat from restaurant menus. ~ Link

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