Monday, July 28


We're still readers -- but the Internet is changing the WAY we read.
"Clearly, reading in print and on the Internet are different. On paper, text has a predetermined beginning, middle and end, where readers focus for a sustained period on one author’s vision. On the Internet, readers skate through cyberspace at will and, in effect, compose their own beginnings, middles and ends." ~ Link
I still read books -- quite a few -- but my default reading mode is a lot more in sync with what happens on the web. By nature I'm a skater -- and I think that was true before BAG (Before Al Gore).

Some former Google employees have launched their own search engine -- Cuil ("cool") -- a little different formula for analyzing relevance. I cuiled myself -- but the results were mostly old references to things I did several years ago -- and not necessarily my main channels. So, I'll say "interesting -- with major room for improvement." ~ Link

I went to get the safety inspection on our little '99 Corolla this morning (great car -- gets 30 mph island driving) -- only to discover that the registration wasn't anywhere in the car -- or the files at home. So I waited in line at the DMV to get a duplicate -- then we drove to a safety inspection site. I've been trying to pay the annual registration renewal fee online but for some reason the has no record of the safety inspection done this afternoon (we passed!). Frustrating. I think the car is tired of it all, too. This evening it wouldn't start so tomorrow we'll have to take in it for therapy. Even cars can only handle so much Guam.

BTW, if you're new to Guam someone needs to tell you that you'll not receive an annual bill for your auto registration fee (as you would in the US). It's like the property tax -- you're just supposed to know that you have to pay it by the assigned deadline. But there are not any reminders so you have to remind yourself. My guess is that most people miss the deadlines -- even when is working right.

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