Friday, August 15


Best written headline of the day: "Bigfoot Press Conference Yields Squat" ~ link

US growing grayer and more diverse ~ link

Please -- no more! When will the Left Behind madness stop? ~ link

pointing upSignal boxes located at pedestrian crossings in countries all over the world are designed to spread the word of God, the product's Swedish manufacturer has revealed. ~ link

Okay doky...

The other night we walked to a local restaurant to have dinner with some new friends. On the way home we were wanting to cross the street at the more-or-less controlled intersection. I would have pushed the button to get a flashing green "go" pedestrian signal -- except I had not brought my machete -- and the jungle was starting to engulf the pole -- literally. I would have had to cut a 10-foot path to get to the button to even see if the finger is pointing up. This is the way Guam is -- some quite modern and up-to-date equipment -- but generally it is not installed with much thought to either functionality or continued maintenance.

The ocean's dead zones are expanding, according to new research. The dead zones of eutrophication now comprise around 245,000 sq km. They're related to pollution and fertilizer run-off. ~ link

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