Saturday, August 30

True Story

I decided to order James Choung's new book on evangelism after watching his YouTube presentation (part 1 - part 2). It was a wise decision. True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In is a must read for:
  • anyone interested in a simple tool for explaining the True Storygospel in a way that is not simplistic. True Story is theologically holistic and multi-dimensional.

  • pastors and church leaders who are trying to figure out why they're unable to tune-in to the hearts of 20-somethings.

  • anyone who would like to hear the gospel explained through a realistic story. Choung doesn't just give us a tool but he tells us a story.

  • ordinary evangelical Christians who are trying to get a handle on the bigger picture. This story will fill in a lot of the gaps in your understanding of a Christian worldview without bogging you down in theological minutia.
  • True Story is an impressive and easy read published by InterVarsity Press. I'm planning to pick up a few more copies to share.

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