Tuesday, September 2


Surprise! Google is releasing their own web-browser tomorrow -- "Google Chrome" ~ link

There was a lot of speculation a few years ago that Google was getting ready to do this. However, every time a rumor surfaced it eventually led to nowhere -- fizzled out. But now fantasy is becoming reality -- every mildly geeky person's dream! And as a big Google fan (except when they experiment with my iGoogle format -- still doin' the left column navigation thing) I'm pumped.

So, is possible that they will also eventually come up with the other big object of speculation that continually resurfaces -- a Google Operating System?

I used the Google Docs presentation software (alternative to PowerPoint) for the first time in a class presentation today. It's a lot more basic than PowerPoint but simple to use and does the job if you don't need a bunch of special effects (you probably don't -- and probably shouldn't use it all even if you think you do need them). ~ link

US and Swedish researchers say they've discovered a genetic variation in some men that makes it "harder for them to form lasting bonds with women." IOW, some men have to work harder to maintain relationships with women than other men. They haven't yet isolated any genetic variation that explains why some women struggle to form lasting bonds with men. ~ link

Slum Peasants -- some guys from NewSong Church. (via)

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