Tuesday, September 9


More than a little ironic -- Google, which has been at least partially an indirect force in the demise of the printed newspaper, is now going to be digitizing old newspapers, making them searchable. ~ link

USA Today: megachurches stalling out? Scrambling to become more transformational. ~ link

We're guessing that the reason the double cheeseburger at McDonald's costs 5¢ less than the regular cheeseburger is that they have to pay somebody to remove the extra cheese and patty on the regular cheeseburgers.

They're filming another Survivor series in Palau -- this time a French version. They've already done two American series and a Japanese version. I must confess that I was not at all impressed by the Survivor series but I am totally impressed by the beauty of Palau. ~ link

JesUSAves -- "Stephen Nichols argues that Americans have remade Jesus in their own image." Okay. Which Christianized culture hasn't succumbed to that? What Christian hasn't struggled with trying to remake Jesus into her or his own image? Now that we've acknowledged this reality for the umteenth time we need to move on. We (and I include myself) are stuck on this deconstruct the American church jag. Time to get constructive. ~ link

"...churches hiring internet campus pastors and social media pastors." ~ link

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