Thursday, September 25


Our Stateside bank went belly up yesterday -- "the largest U.S. bank failure ever." Of course, the FDIC covers things so we're not losing any money. Stock-holders are not nearly so fortunate. ~ link

Some people are a lot more concerned about the economy than others. Keith Drury, who generally speaking has a great head on his shoulders, withdrew a year's worth of food money from his bank. (Some of us could live off fat for a year.) Sometimes the fear of a crisis is what fuels it. ~ link

PIBC board member Billy Kuartei was running for vice-president of the Republic of Palau. He got bumped out of the running by less than 100 votes. ~ link

Poynter Institute's NewsU now has a free online course covering legal issues related to online publishing (i.e. blogging) -- copyright, defamation, privacy... ~ link

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