Tuesday, September 30

The eight ironies of the emerging post-evangelicals

Scot McKnight writes in CT on the eight ironies of the emerging post-evangelicals.

With a little nuance I generally agree both with Scot's summary and with everything the emergents are saying. Although, I'm not quite so ready to pit Jesus against Paul -- especially with the richer understanding of Paul's message that is surfacing in the scholarship.

However, while I find much agreement with the emergents I guess I haven't found that working within the existing church structure is all that limiting. Sure you have to make some concessions -- that is the nature of functioning in a diverse community. But as a matter of experience, at least in the Covenant, I've seen the structure shift, move, and adapt numerous times.

From everything I've seen, the Covenant is relatively effective in embracing diverse approaches and people. There is less and less cookie cutter thinking going on. True -- not all congregations, not all individuals, and not all departments live well with the tensions but on a whole that is the corporate ethos.

I wasn't intending to turn this post into another I love the Covenant spiel but that's just where it ended up.

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