Wednesday, October 15

Emergency decisions

The dean of women took one of our PIBC students to the emergency room at Guam Memorial Hospital yesterday afternoon because she had chest pains (!) and was having trouble breathing. After a few minutes of no attention in the ER the student decided that she wasn't feeling very comfortable at GMH and was feeling well enough to walk out.
So they got back into the car and found an emergency care doc-in-the-box place in a shopping center where she was treated and eventually released. Apparently it was all related to an ulcer or some such thing and it turned out alright.

That's good. But it's crazy to think that someone can walk into an ER complaining of chest pains, indicate the problem, and not get immediate attention while the receptionist chats on the phone about upcoming social plans. It's scary that our staff people would be put in the position of having to make a quick decision to actually leave the only available hospital on Guam because someone who is potentially suffering a heart attack wasn't being seen.

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