Thursday, October 16


Yet even more cargo container housing -- lots of great pictures -- including this "Allall-terrain cargo container-Terrain Cabin" ~ link

Grid parity coming by 2015. Cost of energy going up while cost of solar technology is going down (fast). ~ Marketplace audio story

New research seems to indicate that us middle-aged and older adults can keep our minds sharp through Internet usage. Now I have an excuse to spend even more time here. ~ link

Relief experts want us to know that Africa is making good progress ~ link

The "inflation-adjusted cost of gasoline" is now lower than it was in 1981. Okay. All I know is that gas dropped 10¢ last night so we're paying $4.049 a gallon on Guam. It doesn't seem to be dropping as quickly at the pump as it is on the world market. Someone send us competition! ~ link

Seth Godin explains permission marketing and purple cows and idea viruses. ~ link

Eugene Cho is on the cover of Sojourner Magazine. There could be worse things in life. ~ link

Six recently discovered sermons verified to be from St Augustine of Hippo ~ link

Guam appears to be loosing the battle against the invasive coconut rhinoceros beetle which has now made its way into the jungle. It is expected that half of the islands palm trees could be dead within five years. ~ link


Sean Meade said...

grid 'parity'?

Brad Boydston said...

Yes. Thank you. I don't know what I'd do if it were not for my friends with proof-reading eyes. Much appreciated.