Thursday, October 9


Countdown day: 10-09-08

A new Florida biorefinery will "produce ethanol using everything from tires to trees to citrus peel..." If tropical Florida is "the number one biomass producing state" Guam has got to be the number one biomass producing territory -- hint, hint. ~ link

American cops are trading in their Crown Vics for gas-sippers. ~ link

A Guam police officer pulled someone over tonight and we were witnesses.

American retailers have started a pre-Christmas toy war. The sub-$10 toy is in this year. ~ link

Pending home-sales up 7+% in US ~ link is giving away Church Metrics its new web-based church trend tracking software -- could be helpful. ~ link

New survey -- "Europeans are more religious than widely thought" -- although "Europeans say that religion has little influence over their political views and sexuality." ~ link

The Ancient Evangelical Future Conference will be webcast starting at 7 p.m., tonight, Central time. Howard Snyder, one of my former teachers, will be tonight's speaker. ~ link

South African Theological Seminary is looking for a volunteer to administer a "Theopedia for Africa". They'll be using the same software as Wikipedia. The new wiki will focus on African Christianity, its leaders, its writers and theologians. If you're interested in helping contact SATS principal Reuben van Rensburg.

Speaking of needs, we could use some teachers with masters degrees in English, to come serve at PIBC in Chuuk or on Guam for the 2009-2010 school year. Contact our VP of academic affairs if you might be interested in a short-term mission. Each setting has its challenges -- but, hey, it's a tropical paradise -- and the needs are incredible.

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