Thursday, October 9


Much of the rest of the world is in economic panic mode (unnecessarily so!) but Africa seems to be riding high above it all (relatively speaking) -- perhaps even playing a little catch-up. ~ link

"A parking attendant in Landskrona in southern Sweden took advantage of an armed bank robbery on Thursday to slap a ticket on a police car parked outside a branch of the Nordea bank in the town centre." ~ link

The future of PIBC and Pacific Islands University is coming into focus ~ link

Dave is all excited because he received his $14 2005 Guam tax return -- which GovGuam couldn't afford to pay him until now. They've gone on a borrowing spree.

There is a new AM radio signal on Guam. KVOG has been playing a test loop with speeches made by long-gone US presidents and running tones at 1530. Apparently there is some history to the station since I found FCC records of a construction license issued in 2005. But currently there are only three AM stations operating on Guam. If KVOG makes it onto the air it will be the fourth.

We had pretty much given up on finding any real Mexican food on Guam. That's why we hadn't bothered with the Caliente Mexican Taqueria, which opened in Hagåtña about a year ago. But then tonight Cheryl had this hankering for Mexican food and we decided to give it a shot. Wow -- it's great -- taco truck style in a pleasant environment. It's so good to finally find a Mexican restaurant which cooks with Mexican rather than Asian spices.

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Chris Lascano said...

I am so happy for you and Cheryl. I brings me JOY to see a couple that not only loves the LORD and each other----- but Mexican food too.

Life just got a little sweeter for the Boydston's thanks to Caliente Mexican Taqueria.