Thursday, December 11


More fun hamming for Google Streetview -- Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh ~ link

Quotable -- This is just a sample -- Skye Jethani writing on Mission and Recession -- great article:
Leisure-time based mission explains the 20/80 rule seen in most churches: 20 percent of the people do 80 percent of the work. Many pastors lament this statistic, but I don’t believe the 80 percent who are not engaged in the church institution are all lazy Consumer Christians. (Some, yes, but not all.) More likely, the 20 percent who are heavily involved simply have the most leisure time to spare. ~ link
Eugene Cho thinks that Dong Yun Yoon's gracious words and witness following the tragic loss of his family, killed by the crashed fighter jet in San Diego, have been ignored because he's Asian. What's your sense? ~ link

It's still gusty outside but I just checked the radar and it looks like most of Tropical Depression 27W has moved beyond Guam. It may develop into a tropical storm (level below typhoon/hurricane) out over the Philippine Sea but the experts aren't expecting it to morph into anything major. Stand down.

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